Bear with me, as I’m not a writer, but these thoughts are important to me and they’re the reason I did this series in the first place.

We are all bombarded with false perfection everyday. “Perfection” that is contrived, made in labs and on computers. Photo editing, cosmetic surgery, auto-tune, quantization—destruction of what is real and creation of what is “perfect.” We are too often made to feel that we must achieve this perfection to be happy. Many of us try to reach these levels of perfection, but unable, we push ourselves further and further into despair, insecurity, and dissatisfaction of self. This is sad and, at best, damaging to our individual well-being. It’s our experiences—and our reactions to these experiences—that make each of us unique and beautiful. Perfection isn’t being flawless—perfection is being who you are, and being who you are makes you beautiful. Happiness is beautiful. Sadness is beautiful. Ecstasy and pain, loss and gain. Life is beauty. You are beautiful because you are alive and existing in this absurd universe next to everything else, and if we don’t have beauty, then we don’t have anything. Love yourself, learn from yourself, forgive yourself, believe in yourself, and fight for yourself. Take care of yourself because if you don’t, who will?

This series was a lot of fun to create and post. Thank you for following along!

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